Thursday, August 9, 2012

The noise inside my head

My Summer Camp classes are over and I'm feeling happy, so thought I'd try put a collection of the thoughts that regularly cross my mind while in Korea. A Top 20 if you will:

1. Hello, the future is now.

2. Really, you're gonna spit there?

3. When eating with my Principles or other important people: Am I sitting in the right place? Should I sit the opposite way round? Do I look at them? Smile? Am I showing any cleavage? Should I leave my hand on the table. Ew that was gross, look like you're saving if for last and hope they leave soon. Don't. Drop. The. Chopsticks.

4. Oh you're speaking to me? What's that? Um...mol-i-yo? Smile and wave, back away slowly.

5. Why is it so hot. Why are my hands sweating.

6. Don't get angry, don't be sensitive. Bow. A lot.

7. Both hands Bronwyn, BOTH HANDS!!! Now you've used your left hand...great. Idiot.

8. What is that?

9. How do I eat this?

10. Oh, Korea.

11. WHY IS EVERYTHING IN KOREAN??? (this is a pointless question but I ask it anyway)

12. Is it 4.30 yet?

13. Around my kids: You're lucky you're so cute. Wish you would all shut up. LISTEN TO ME DAMMIT. I love your faces.

14. What do I feel like doing this afternoon? Hmmm maybe some series? A know I should read, or clean, or do something productive. That washing needs doing. Ya but I don't wannaaaaa. You do realise you're speaking to yourself right now right? Yes, sadly I do know this but you're the only company I have at the moment *self hug* (this my friends, is a sad reality) ;)

15. Sure taxi, why don't you kill me next time.

16. Holy shit that bus was close.

17. What am I doing.

18. Is this bleach? Or washing powder? Salt maybe? Adventure time I guess.

19. Is that human size?

20. This will be a good story one day.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the scary workings of a mind deprived of conversation ;)

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  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This was a funny one! Love it!