Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jecheon International Music and Film Festival

Jecheon is currently abuzz with people from all over, coming to check out the Jecheon International Music and Film Festival. We were lucky to see a break in the rain and went down to Cheongpung lake on Saturday to check it out. \10 000 got us a ticket, which included entrance to the festival and free shuttle services. We got there around 7.30, as the sun as setting and made our way to the rows of seats in front of a stage. Here is where we sat and watched Step Up Revolution (a cheesy movie with bad acting but good dancing) under the stars. 

The stage

After that we were treated to some Korean Hip Hop (did I not mention that it was Hip Hop night?) which was very entertaining and got the whole crowd dancing. The 2 performances were by 'Dynamic Duo' and 'Jay Park'. I recorded bits of their performances to show you what being at a Korean Music festival is like. Please excuse the shoddy camera work...

I was surprised that there wasn't more in the way of stalls etc there; food and drink options were very limited but then again I need to remember I'm in Korea and this isn't Oppi where you can enjoy an array of greasy, somewhat satisfying foods. 

An enjoyable experience, and seeing as it goes till Wednesday - maybe I'll check it out again :)

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