Thursday, December 6, 2012


Making snow angels after dinner! 
It's been a tough few weeks. I feel like I've been in a bit of a funk and haven't been able to pull myself out. But then the most magical thing started snowing. We've had a few snowfalls in Jecheon up to now, but it's been pretty light and hasn't stuck around for long. But Wednesday came and brought with it the mother-load of snow (at least for me it looked that way - I'm from Africa). 

I was teaching when it happened, and looked outside to see some snow falling but thought nothing of it. 30 minutes later and my school was white! The kids were outside making snowballs and the teachers were freaking out about getting home. My coteacher and I left an hour early (score!) and took a very slow drive back. I was mesmerized. I've seen snow before but not enough to act like I'm not impressed. Cos I am. It's just so prrrrreeeetttyyyy!! I know all the people from snowy nations are like, "Get a life kids" but I can't help being excited that right now, there is blankety white goodness EVERYWHERE!! I know I know, it's ugly when it gets slushy, it turns to ice and then it's all 'falling on your ass' and no fun but right now I am completely in the Winter spirit of things and feel like a kid on Christmas. As I type it's started snowing like a beast again and if I correctly understood the jumbled school message that was translated, it means we get to leave early again today. It's no joke...the roads are dangerous and I know I'm going to fall a few times but I. Don't. Care.

We had a huge snowball fight after dinner on Wednesday (it was Cola's birthday but it didn't mean we went easy on her) and made snow angels and it was SO MUCH FUN! I think the locals must have thought we were crazy, but then they think that anyway! I couldn't stop smiling...but maybe my face really did freeze like that. I asked if I could take my kids outside yesterday instead of having my after-school English class and I got the "are you crazy" look but they agreed and I had a blast with my kids in the snow. Some enjoyed attacking me a little too much I think. Nicola, Jeanette (she's from the very warm Texas so we both never see snow) and I are partners in snow excitement and ventured out to make a snowman last night but it was a bit of a fail. I did however get to experience JJ's moonwalk which was pretty epic ;)

I don't know...for now the snow has pulled me out of my rut, it's made Korea beautiful again and I am happy. So thought I would share that and some pictures!

To my fellow Saffas and Texans and everyone else who is as excited about this as me...


On the way back from school on Wednesday. This was clear on the way to school! 

Outside my apartment window on Thursday morning
The Texan and the South African...happy in the snow!! 
Jecheon snowball fight #1. I feel there will be many more. Assah! 
Post Snowball fight...I think our excitement is tangible.

My area (my apartment building is the red on you can see on the left)
Snowball fights at Baegun with my kids on Thursday

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