Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring is finally here

Spring is in the air! In Korea, that comes with the dreaded yellow dust too, which is not helping anyone's allergies. But there is nothing quite as good for the soul as Spring.

I consider myself to be more of a Winter than a Summer person - extreme heat is not my thing. But Spring is without a doubt my favourite season. It's the blossoms and buds and promises of warmth; it hints at pool parties and lazy Sunday braai's which are sure to follow. It's new hope. And I am particularly excited about Spring in Korea! I've been told that the Summer here is not for the faint hearted and I only caught the back end of the Winter and that was cold enough. So Spring and Fall are both anticipated because of the mild temperatures and beauty they bring. Cherry Blossom festivals are now in full swing and I really hope to be able to catch one next weekend. The way Spring has improved my mood and general outlook on life is also notable. Spring has definitely put a 'spring' in my step (how's that for a cheesy line drop).

On the drives to and from school each day, I have been keeping my eye out for hints of the new season. With nothing else to do but take in the scenery for 30 minutes, I started to see the subtle signs of warmer weather. I work out in the sticks, and drive through a lot of agricultural land. So it was the ajimas's who caught my eye first; there are more and more of them in the fields in the mornings, bent over, working their land. The land itself is changing, with rows and rows of soil being turned and prepped for this seasons growth. Slowly the barren land and brown mountains are turning green, blossoms are blooming and it's beautiful. There is a building over the road from me that has some trees beginning to flower and it's so exciting to see them get bigger every day. I come from very green and sunny South Africa, so the lack of colour was depressing me. But it's coming.

It's also a dream not to bundle up every time I step out of the house. The nights are still chilly and there's a sneaky breeze which brings the goosebumps now and then, but in general the coats are slowly being used less and less. Walking home from dinner is more pleasant and the other night a friend and myself sat in the park chatting, just enjoying being out. Hikes are on the agenda - even one with my school next Wednesday which will keep me out the classroom that day (hells yeah). Everyone is coming out of their winter hibernation and we all seem in high spirits. I look forward to my first outdoor drinking session (that's legal here) and picnic. I'll post some pics as soon as I have them.

Is Spring in Korea as beautiful as they say? I will most definitely let you know :)

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